August 4, 2016

Virus Removal & Tech Support

Computer virus removal in Dayton

Computer Virus Removal

The internet is a war zone full of possible infections. Despite your best efforts, it is very easy to pick up severe infections such as ransomware or rootkits. We can clean your computer of unwanted viruses and have it safe to use and watch cat videos once again. We offer virus removal both in person and via remote support sessions. Contact us today!

Computer Repair

It happens to all of us! Maybe you were enjoying an ice cold soda and your computer ended up drinking it, instead. Whatever the case, we can help! We will assess your computer and provide a written report of the damages with proposed repairs. Then will get to work fixing your precious machine. Contact us today if you need help!

Remote Technical Support

Are you experiencing a computer problem? Perhaps there is a program on your PC which is causing trouble. Our trained technical support specialist will initiate a secure remote connection to your computer and make repairs, all while conferencing with you via telephone. Our remote support sessions start out at a reasonable $24.99 for 30 minutes. Contact us today!

System Upgrades

Staying safe online is important. Hackers can use vulnerabilities in out-of-date software to attack. Virus protection and a good firewall are your first defense to combating possible infections. The next defense is to always keep your system and its software updated with the latest security updates and patches.

Customer Testimonials

He is the best! When you need computer help, please keep him in mind for many things. From making a website to fixing your PC, he can do it all!
You have to love this man! He can make your website epic. I recommend him over anyone else.